The world is in a constant state of flux. Cities expand and contract like the tide. Day in day out, we are witnesses to the resultant changes on the landscape, but we often forget or have no way to properly observe them. A sense of nostalgia is often attached to certain places that have become the backdrop to people’s lives. However the unrelenting momentum of urban development often leaves little behind to bookmark the cherished and slowly fading memories. Horoculars provide a means to revisit this hidden past. One lens is a normal binocular, the other a historical slide viewer. By viewing both at the same time it is possible to overlay images of the past and present in order to chart the memories and evolution of place.

Dane Whitehurst is an artist and designer living in Central London. His work is derived from human stories and from the narratives that develop as a result of people’s interaction with physical objects. He is interested in the subsequent roles these objects play as props in people’s lives and in uncovering ways in which people connect with their environment through objects, on a deeper, emotional level.

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