Multi-touch gestures

There are five multi-touch gestures forming the language we use between our fingers and iPhone screens. This is the way we communicate, navigate and give commands to our iPhones. Nowadays, finger gestures like tap / scroll / flick / swipe / pinch are considered to be “signatures” of the Apple iPhone. Gabriele believes that in ten years or so these gestures will completely change. Therefore, her aim is to perpetuate them so they become accessible for future generations. She has translated this interface language of communication into 3D objects which mimic every multi-touch gesture. Her project is an interactive experience, where visitors can play, learn and be part of the exhibition.

Gabriele Meldaikyte is a lithuanian Product designer based in London. Currently, she is studying an MA in Design Products at Royal College of Art, London. With experience in diverse design fields, she maintains a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in her work. Gabriele has exhibited internationally and has won several design Awards in Moscow, Shanghai and Milan.

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