Scripta Volant

Scripta volant. A writing surface, a place usually associated with permanence, it is made sensitive thanks to a touch-triggered microphone. In this way, the variable pressure exerted by the user while writing generates an audio signal that, once properly amplified through a speaker, reveals its mechanic nature by stirring up a medium that is volatile by definition: feathers. The weight of writing thus changes: what matters now is no longer the result, the act of preserving words potentially forever, but the act itself, that is writing and transforming time through movements.

Andrea Valle is an active composer, performer and sound artist. A selection of some of his most recent works include “Arsenale delle apparizioni” (Nephogram, 2011), and “Acta GeoGraphica (Ripples Records, 2012); the music for Marcel·lì Antúnez Roca’s performance “Pseudo” (Festival El Grec, Barcellona, 2012); the installations “Machina logotelica” (Making together, Milano Design Week 2012), and “Organo fonatorio” (Passengers, Infart Festival Bassano, 2012).

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